Team Frequency


Bring percussion to life with our amazing Boomwhackers.

Boomwhackers are a new form of percussion instruments where everyone young and old can play. Hold the tube in one hand and whack it with the other, and you get a resonant musical note. All the notes have the potential of working harmonious together working together to create an instant melody.

By dividing the team in different ways, everyone can inspire one another and even find their own hidden musical talents, whilst having a lot of fun along the way.

We help them create a melody, this can be of a classic tune or alternatively a completely unique melody. The task is to demonstrate that when a team has a goal and all work together in the same direction, a perfect harmony can be created and ultimately you can achieve your goals.

Group Size: 10 – 30 people Time Need: 2 hours

A conference room large enough to comfortably accommodate your group.

• Teamwork
• Communication including developing listening skills
• Increases an awareness of others
• Promote engagement with the organisation

We are open to customising this programme if you feel that would work better in your organisation.

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