Pop Group Experience

Want to sing but be in a band, come along with your friends and form your own band for the day!

Bring up to 6 people into the professional Music Studio and record your favorite track.  You can have a lead singer or have your own solo part or sing in harmony and be the backing singers.  We have access to thousands of backing tracks that you can sing along too.  You could be on a hen day experience or a Stag Day… the main aim is to have fun, laughter and making memories during your experience.

2 hour recording experience to record 1 track (depending on time a second song could be possible).  Your song will be professionally edited and mastered onto CD with a personalised CD case and Photo.  If you want more people to join your experience then you can add up to a maximum of x10 people, please add £20 per additional person.

A Group Fun Recording Experience for only ….   £149

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