Music can be a very personal experience or one which can bring harmony to a group of people to help them become more of a team. This can be done in many ways and our many proven morning workshops bring great results to your business.

If you are looking to get to know your team in a non business environment; exploring change or looking at a new way to recruit to find the right team balance we have a programme for you. We can offer a bespoke or standardized program involving the following:

• Corporate Song writing and Melodies
• Drumming Workshops
• Corporate Choir
• Ice breakers
• Energizers for Conferences or Corporate meetings


Ultimate Team Building Experience  for business success

At Creative In Sync we run bespoke Music Programs tailored to your business needs.

Many Team Building events consist of battling with outdoor elements, struggling with physical challenges, or revealing inner secrets and can result in some individuals fearing the term ‘Team Building’.

Includes everyone regardless of their character!

We first meet with a representative of your Company to understand the main goal and/or objective you would like to achieve from the Team Building event. Our team will then build a bespoke programme to achieve these aims.

Music Professionals to guide you!

Regardless of the aim, all our events provide a creative scenario that cultivates high performance, problem solving, discovering strengths and development areas. We encourage your employees to listen to their colleagues, understand different perspectives and provide mutual support.

Wider teams in your Company building together!

No experience needed. We try to bring employees together from different departments/divisions and provide an environment where all parties are equal. By the end of the experience people will have met new individuals within their own organization, shared a unique experience, be more engaged within the company resulting in greater productivity for your organization.

When & Where!

Creative In Sync can support any location throughout the South East and can either hold the event within your offices or provide a suitable and local venue.

Benefits we can bring to your Organisation!

Inclusive to all ages:

No matter the age, physical fitness level or ability everyone can participate in this type of team building.

Part of a well being strategy:

Music is seen as a great Stress Reliever and is proven to increase well-being and help lower heart-rates of those who are suffering from stress. It can be a perfect option to high pressure work environment whilst enabling your employees to realise their potential strengths and capabilities.

Promotes Equality:

A great way of encouraging people from different backgrounds to interact with others creating a positive diverse workforce.

Enhances Confidence:

Individuals can rapidly develop confidence and listening skills; it boosts energy and creates a fully bonded team. Enhanced team spirit and a sense of achievement come from overcoming personal resistance and limiting beliefs.


In order for all participates to have something to remember we can also provide a video or recording of what they have achieved at the end of the day in a CD.

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