Customer Lyrical Excellence


Each employee can have the ‘X’ Factor in their own way within the business, and this can be the same in Training.

At the Corporate ‘X’ Factor programme, we ask teams to rewrite lyrics to famous songs and perform them in an unforgettable team building activity.

Our aim is for all participants to enjoy our experience whilst working as a team to create a business focus message through Song.

Whether this is the Company’s Mission; Business Objectives; Yearly Goals etc, employees can learn to understand and deliver the corporate message through creating their own lyrics.

Creative in Sync can provide background music tracks to each team so they can prepare for their big performance. If they want to make the backing track sound different the they can use other musical percussion instruments to add a different dimension. This also allows all team members to get involved if they don’t want to Sing/Rap.

Our facilitator, who will be the MC for the day will support the teams in achieving their objective. When the teams perform we can even provide special effects if requested (smoke machine); Cardboard Cut Outs; Famous Faces to wear etc. A sound system will also be included so they can perform with a live track.

Group Size: 10  – 30 people Time Need: 4 hours

A conference room large enough to comfortably accommodate your group.
Additional space must be allocated for each group to create their performances; a large meeting room or a series of small breakout rooms, one per team.

• Utilising people’s passion for music to feel comfortable to get involved
• Teamwork
• Communication
• Understanding the Corporate/Business message
• Promote engagement with the organisation

We are open to customising this programme if you feel it would work better in your organisation. For example; Do you have a specific era or musical style you want to focus on? ; do you have a specific theme you’re working with in your meeting? Communication, change, movement – these are just some of the themes we can adapt this course to fit.

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