Change In Harmony


Through the changing era’s of music, people have seen or heard the world of music develop. From Vera Lynn through to David Bowie, Duran Duran into One Direction and The Wanted. Music comes in all different forms as well whether Classical, Jazz, Rock, Northern Soul, Reggae, Pop to name a few. At Creative in Sync, this is no different in a commercial environment. A businesses success is based on people from a wide range of backgrounds, experience, culture etc.

By bringing these two elements together, Creative in sync will demonstrate through music how the changing era’s of music brought something positive into the music industry, however these changes were influenced by previous era’s.

Each team is assigned a genre or era and their task is to change it into a new sound or a more modern sound. For example; Vera Lynn with ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’ being recreated with a Reggae influence.

Our facilitators will offer guidance to the teams and provide samples of music to assist them if required. All individuals will have their own experiences with different styles of music and together they are able to influence each other, potentially creating a completely different style.

This exercise can help demonstrate that not all change can be formulated in to a structure but sometimes change can take its own direction and sometimes for the better.

Group Size: 10  – 30 people Time Need: 4 hours

A conference room large enough to comfortably accommodate the team with the possibility of a break out room for them to use.

• Change Management
• Teamwork
• Communication
• Increases an awareness of others
• Promote engagement with the organisation

We are open to customising this programme if you feel that would work better for your organisation.

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